YAMATO is your all-in-one solution for shipping "medical devices/equipment" and "pharma fulfillment". Whether you’re a manufacturer, distributor or end user, YAMATO is your medical, pharma shipping solution.

According to, Japan is the most important export destination for American medical devices. Each year about $5 billion of medical devices and supplies are sold in this market. states that the total value of medical and pharmaceutical products imported into Japan in 2015 totaled $2.9 trillion yen.

YAMATO innovations include special warehouses to store medical rental instrument. This service reduces turnaround time for certain devices, leading to huge costs savings for clients relating to inventory and storage.

YAMATO is a leader at shipping medical supplies and pharmaceutical worldwide. We have a wide variety of shipping and delivery options, including for time/temp sensitive instrument and product.

Case Studies


Summary :

YAMATO provides ISO certified (ISO13485) medical logistics and distribution in Japan. Full outsourced inventory and distribution, including extended customer order cutoff times and reduced lead times.

Backstory :

Japan Lifeline deals in medical services for treatment of cardiac and vascular diseases. Japan Lifeline is also an independent medical device company that engages in both trading and manufacturing.

Solution :

The YAMATO USA and Japan team provides one of the world’s most advanced medical device companies with full outsourcing (handling of both inventory and local distribution). YAMATO handles it all for Japan Lifeline, insuring the best in air cargo transport for the medical device manufacturer.

Results :

The world class medical device company now has the best distribution for its customers in Japan.

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